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Productivity Project 2019

I'm learning how to increase my productivity as a stay-at-home entrepreneur


My business is all about maximizing your workflow, but I’ve still fallen into some very predictable traps this year while getting up to speed with my offerings, tools + marketing.

Stuff like beginning a project without a plan, downloading freebies faster than I can read them, working all day without leaving my apartment, rearranging Instagram posts until my head hurts, impulse-buying courses + workshops, and most endearingly, lifting the ban on Cheetos Paws.

So I’m starting 2019 with an experiment. I’m going to test different methods + ideas about productivity, and share my progress along the way so you can benefit, too.

The goal is to identify small adjustments in these four categories to make a big impact on the way I work.





Let me know if you have tips, tricks or suggestions to add to the mix over the next few weeks!

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