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FREE GUIDE: Business Systems Checklist

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Is your current system falling short?

Systems help you manage the never ending flow of business tasks, from billing to communication. It’s likely that you already know the benefits of having a system… you’ve heard the buzzwords… you believe the logic... you may even have the recommended tools in place. But your current system is falling short if you:

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  • Don’t use it

  • Don’t know how to use it

  • Never finished setting it up

  • Hop from tool to tool

  • Feel intimidated

Wondering how to close that gap - without wasting time you don’t have?


After you submit your checklist, I'll look it over and reply with personalized recommendations for your next steps.


Current strengths and weaknesses

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A system you don't use is falling short!

The first step to improvement is an honest assessment. To help you identify common strengths and weaknesses, I've created a quick checklist that breaks things down by category.

A great overall system includes tools and processes in all aspects of your business: tasks, clients, communication, finance, content and innovation.

Target a system that sticks

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Focused action steps save you time!

The goal is to have a system that’s effective, and tailored to your business. The best way to make that happen is with focused action steps.

It’s easy to waste time in the wide world of systems advice - even accidentally - when you don’t have a clear understanding of where you are and what you need.

By stepping back to assess and set a plan, you’re finally on your way to a system that sticks.

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