A customized action plan for your business in 2 hours.

Imagine total clarity when it comes to...

• Selecting tools for your business.

• Prioritizing what to work on first.

• Automating your client experience.

• And more!

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Tackle your biggest business challenge with a snappy, interactive workshop where we design your action plan in two hours using customized strategy and creative exercises.

"... a weight has been lifted off my shoulders."​

—  Victoria Holland, Victoria Ann Events

Step 1

Complete a prep survey

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Step 2

Two-hour digital sprint


Sprint Process

Step 3

Get your action plan!✨ 

Action Plan Example for Small Business

Cost per sprint: $425

• Identifying steps to add process + structure.

• Maximizing team members.
Making space for visionary work.

• Improving the experience for high quality clientele.

• Designing a central location for project management.

• Streamlining content production.

Previous sprint focuses included:

"... a compact way to figure out what your main struggles are and find a clear path out of the chaos.” 


—  Lisa Hennessy, Fernweh

Julie Shuford Photography

"I left feeling lighter and with a plan to tackle all the tasks that can be overwhelming as a solopreneur. Plus, I was more calm and confident in my abilities to get this done."

— Julie Shuford, Photographer


Frequently Asked Questions ...

What happens during a sprint?

During a sprint, we'll use design thinking exercises to prioritize your pain points + brainstorm solutions together. 

I will also suggest + demonstrate specific tools that may be a good fit for your action plan.

Finally, we'll organize the best solutions from our brainstorm into a step-by-step action plan with a clear timeline.

What's the prep survey for?

The prep survey helps me gather information about your current tools, processes + needs.

I'll review your survey ahead of the sprint + determine an agenda + challenge statement for us to focus on during our time.

What do I do with my action plan?

You'll use your action plan PDF to implement changes in your business over the next 1-6 months.

"It was something that I’d been trying to do on my own for over a year now, and in one consultation we made a step-by-step plan."


—  Nicole Swartz, The Sprout Society

Still have a few questions? Let's chat!