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"When the scope felt overwhelming, Annika helped simplify things to keep us on track and organized. I really appreciated her willingness to offer solutions, and always felt led through our work together. 


After working with Annika, I can now remove myself completely from the administrative work and get back to doing the things I want to do. 


The time and energy that used to go into recreating emails, tasks and questionnaires for each client is now spent on the creative and development aspects of my business, and I'm still giving my clients an elevated experience."

Deidre Dixon, Brand Strategist at Walcot Studio




"When Annika mentioned what she could do, I was intrigued. The impact and results she’s had on my business since then - where do I start?


Together we streamlined my design process, and set up the most effective platforms. We increased the professionalism for my clients. Plus, she freed up my time and brain space by handling communications in a timely, detailed and dependable manner."

Tiffany Tolliver, Brand Strategist at The EmmaRose Agency




"As an architect, it’s challenging to keep my clients engaged when the project or timeline changes, so I needed extra help on client management side of things.


Annika dug really deep into my business and my process in order to systemize it all. Her fresh perspective was very helpful for both setting up a CRM account and creating the content inside it - I was literally grinning ear to ear reading through the onboarding packet for the first time. 

In eight weeks, my entire client communication process got easier - from initial lead generation, all the way until final sign off months later. Now everything is in one place, easily accessible. It just took me less than 15 minutes to put together and send a new proposal and contract to my client thanks to having this amazing system."

Taryn Bone, Architect, AIA at Bone Collective Studio

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