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How can I get more energy?

This week I focused on increasing my energy level while working from home


Goal: Learn the best way to power my day

Plan: Healthy snacks • Daily exercise

• Wake up early • 6 pm unplug

Energy felt like the most urgent category, so week one of my Productivity Project was all about making small adjustments to learn the best way to power my day.

Spoiler: my plan didn’t include any radical ideas or changes, it was basically just a formal opportunity to actually try the stuff you always hear recommended. Eat well, rest, exercise, avoid mindless, infinite scrolling on my phone. A lot of these principles are reinforced in the “Energize” section of Make Time, an awesome new book by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky about how to focus on what matters every day.

So to prepare for the week, I filled my kitchen with ingredients for healthy meals and snacks. Sprouted pumpkin seeds, RX bars, trail mix, green tea, dandelion tea, dried fruit, almonds, popcorn, oranges, radishes, celery, and carrots. Can you tell food is a big deal for me?

I haven’t worked out consistently in a few years, so this week I committed to a light, 20-30 minute workout each day. I knew it wasn’t much, and wouldn’t burn many calories, but it would actually be a huge improvement to my recent set-at-a-desk-at-home-all-day routine.


I did a decent job of sticking to my plan for the week. I’d even give myself an “A” for effort - although the grade for the week overall is still a lame “B-”.

Biggest Wins:

+ Quiet lunches - no music or television

+ Alternated computer work with short errands + walks in the rain

+ Good variety of healthy snacks

+ Only one weak afternoon looting a gingerbread house?

+ More physical activity than last week

This week called for an excessive amount of copywriting, so while I completed everything I set out to accomplish - maybe a win in itself - I can’t say I felt super energetic throughout the day.

The success for me was more about using these tactics when I felt especially low energy to boost me back to a functioning state to keep working. I realize that doesn’t sound very romantic, and it’s not necessarily where I want to be either.


So, I didn’t notice a ridiculous change in my energy level this week, but I suspect that the most important factor in cultivating energy is actually being consistent.

It’s not really fair to expect that swapping Cheetos Paws with sprouted pumpkins seeds is enough to make me jump out of bed, but without that instant gratification, it will require commitment + discipline to stick to a routine that really should be beneficial in the long run.

Bottom Line: It takes time to change old habits, check back later...


Make Time (Book)

Imperfect Produce (Produce delivery service)

Trader Joe’s (Grocery store)

Fitbit (Exercise tracker)

Beach Body On Demand (Digital workout subscription)

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