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Parallel Lines

Learning experience design work samples

Scroll to review client-facing learning experiences designed by Annika Robbins.

Dubsado 101 learner

"I've had Dubsado for a year and learned a ton in that year, but my mind was blown with how little I actually knew about Dubsado while taking this course!"

Miro Academy learner

"The course guided me through different TS techniques and also how to better use online resources. This course was very useful for my Miro day-to-day tasks but also can be applied in various other TS areas."

Dubsado 101 learner

“I am a visual and kinesthetic learner and this course was exactly what I needed to get set up properly and feel super excited about offering the client portal to my coaching clients. Couldn't be happier - only wish I had discovered Dubsado sooner!”
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