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Annika Robbins sits on the floor in front of a couch. She has small business strategy papers spread on the floor by her feet.

calm productivity

Transform your business with

What is calm productivity?

Calm productivity is a combination of practical skills and a gentle mindset that unlocks authentic, long-term progress toward your daily work and business goals. No tough love, no quick hacks. Just friends helping friends develop habits that stick.

Practical skills

Practical skills help you plan, execute, and reflect on your progress.

Multi-colored sticky notes on a bench

Planning big projects

Able to break a goal into
step-by-step actions.

Headphones and laptop on a desk

Getting unstuck

Prepared to jump start the creative process if you get stuck.


Prioritizing tasks

Able to evaluate tasks and complete them in a strategic order.

Laptop on a bench

Setting up tools

Tech savy enough to set up tech tools and basic automation.

White clock on a wooden desk

Creating focus time

Able to minimize possible distractions using your environment. 

Diagram of a small business process

Process mapping

Able to translate a manual process into a streamlined workflow. 


Gentle mindset

A gentle mindset helps that progress stay consistent.

Excited to learn, grow, and fail.


More focused on the marathon than the sprint.


Willing to adjust the plan when new information emerges.


Prioritizes plenty of water, movement, and rest.


= Calm productivity

If we haven't met before, hi! I'm Annika.

I can help you rethink the way you handle projects and tasks as a small business owner.

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